Monday, August 24, 2009

My life today...emphany...

Have you ever noted there are small events in your life, which have great impact. It isn't always the big life events, which hit you like a two by four between the eyes. Thus the saying "The straw that broke the camels back." I had such an event occur last Friday while at Six Flags Great America. I got on the first ride we chose, the V-2 and was unable to buckle the seat belt because of my size. I had to have them unlock me, assist my son out and place him next to his uncle. I vowed right then and their I would not have that happen again. I avoided the rides the rest of the day to avoid the embrassment. I wanted my son to have fun with his cousins and not draw attention to myself, after all this was his day. The pain I endured walking the park, not to mention the pain I endured emotionally, took a toll on my being. I can not go on in this shell of a person. I feel as if I am not living and giving my full potential. My weight has affected every aspect of my life. Time to make small changes that add up in a big way.

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